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The black sheep heiress of the Rockwell Lumber Company. She spends as little time on the rock as possible.  She never fit in there.  She never fit in anywhere.

Maybelle suffers from two curses. One of which she created in her own mind.  The other as real as mud.  The first curse began when she was only six years old when her little brother Merriweather carved the initials M.A.R into their father's antique wooden chest. The chest had been hand carved by their great, great grandfather Devlan Rockwell.  Made from the first tree Devlan fell.  Merriweather's full name was Merriweather Devlan Rockwell. Maybelle's was Maybelle Alexandra Rockwell.  Merriweather was only four years old and their parents couldn't conceive that a four year old could be so devious to do such a thing.  The fact that Maybelle insisted on it only made it worse.  Her parents never trusted her again. In time even she started to wonder if she had done it and the distrust from her parents played on her mind.  Rather than overcompensating she opted  to own it and  became the family fuck-up. 


Soon she fine tuned her indiscernible, nonexistent skills, by traveling the world on the family's endless dimes, costing the family mostly embarrassment, until they decided that they’d create a job for her to see if that would give her some sense of purpose while also keeping her out of the way.   Her new occupation required the creation of an additional job to make it work.  A man by the name of Duncan Ward was hired to tell her where to go and what to do.  He had business cards printed up for her. Social and Community Consultant Strategist was total bullshit.  Maybelle never bought into the charade for a second.  She resisted at first but she liked to travel and it kept her rolling like a stone.    Duncan would send her to different regions around the world to ascertain the general state of timber usage.  Initially he required her to send a report back until Maybelle sent him a napkin.

The other curse was a reoccurring nightmare.  Nightmares that were becoming increasingly more real to her.  She decided she needed to return to her "home."  Whatever that was. She thought if she set down her anchor she'd find answers to the curse. 

Ted and Maybelle develop a bond. Both torn by personal demons and destructive choices, they become absorbed with a sense of purpose that had been lacking their entire lives.



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