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Mudds Ullin

Timeless guardian of the harbor. Biblical snake.


Ted's old friend.  Detective.

Paranormal Pearl

Sage. Handy person. 

Maya Rockwell

Maybelle's blind Aunt.

Keeper of secrets.

Henry Finch

Ted's missing uncle. Scientist. Occultist. 

Mr. X

Mystery man seeking Finch's invention


Ted's ex.  

Crackerjack on reality

Six Dead Men

Identities unkown 


Noelle Finch

Ted's winsome daughter.

Sigs Corpsus

Ex-Baseball Pitcher.  Tribal Lawyer

Junko Okono

Welder. Junk dealer.


Fattest cab driver in the world.


Lost dog

Ted Finch

Timeworn novelist galvanized into fixing his fractured life.

Maybelle Rockwell

Black sheep heiress to Rockwell Lumber.

Suffers from two curses.

Harry Finch

Ted's winsome son.

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