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Set in present day on an island in the Pacific Northwest, Rockaway explores the crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. Rockaway is the story of a place where the serene innocence of prudent American life collides with a lawless border. Emotional, cinematic, and rooted in character, Rockaway is a marriage of human drama and supernatural fear.

The supernatural elements to Rockaway are rooted in science. Dark matter, black holes, alternate universes... we will use the mathematics of theoretical physics to ground our horror in reality.

The CGI will always be subtle and believable, we will focus on the psychological impact of the visuals.

The show will also feature another type of horror: the human kind. The supernatural terrors unleashed on our small town will personify the evil that exists beneath its perfect facade.  Ugly divorce, violence, cruelty, substance abuse, depression, death... our characters will struggle with the darkness of the human condition. How do you cope with the abundance of evil in this world and in the end, is it worth it?

The visual style will be energetic, creative, and cinematic. The framing will be bold; the cinematography will be dark and constantly on the move; the pacing will be fast.

Although the show is contemporary and set in present day, there will always be a timeless feel to the world.  Integrated into our contemporary setting we will glimpse details from the past. This concept will be integrated into the soundtrack and score as well.
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