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The initial episodes introduce us to the the seemingly idyllic town and its myths grown from the original native inhabitants with its layers of bones and blood and curses to the present day.  We follow Ted’s inheritance of his Uncle Finch’s farmhouse, the mystery of Finch’s disappearance or death and speculation over the circumstances.  We introduce the transcendental elements of the house and how it reflects Ted’s fractured state of mind. We meet Ted’s old friend and local detective Hobbs, who suspects Ted knows more about Finch’s disappearance than he lets onto. We meet Maybelle, the black-sheep heiress of the Rockwell Lumber dynasty.

We discover the disturbing macabre scene of the six perfectly persevered dead bodies stuck in the low tide mud flats of Rockaway harbor. Hobbs and the local authorities have many questions… Who are the deceased? How did they get there? Why do they appear to be from another era?  And how can the case get solved quick enough to avoid a major FBI investigation?  


A mysterious visitor named Mr. X arrives in town looking to retrieve a scientific tool Finch possessed. Ted is tipped off by ‘Paranormal Pearl’ a handy-person and sage, that the house is set on some type of fault line or vortex. Meanwhile we discover that Maybelle suffers from insomnia brought on by horrific waking dreams.  She seeks Ted's friendship for safety and comfort.  She soon confronts Ted about the danger he's covering up in the farmhouse cellar and conveys her odd theory that Finch caused a rip to  another dimension.

By the end of the first act of the season, Ted will reveal to Maybelle what he knows and we will come to the same conclusion: The dead bodies are indeed not of this time.  They are linked to Finch and his science or magic and that Finch is lost in some realm existing beyond human senses.

As we move into the second act of the season we meet the timeless geoduck farmer, Mudds Ullin, who has a lifelong vendetta against the Rockwell family and learn that he’s been cultivating a curse exclusively on  Maybelle. We see the town of Rockaway becoming increasingly “haunted," raising the stakes as our characters desperately attempt to uncover the mystery to save themselves and their loved ones from a place worse than Hell. Several peripheral characters will come to the forefront, including Maybelle's great Aunt Maya, a blind woman and the only living person to dispel the information about the history and blood of the Rockaway town and its inhabitants, including Sig, the Native American Indian lawyer whose knowledge on tribal sovereignty poses a threat to all of the Rockaway town.  

As Mr. X crosses paths with Hobbs and his investigation, Ted’s own research reveals the fascinating dark history of Rockaway and the Rockwell Lumber business,  as well as the terrifying timeless Mudds Ullin and his ancient history. We learn more about Finch’s other worldly/scientific device that resides in the cellar of the house and we discover why Finch cut off his own hand to harness the energy and powers of the artifice.  By the end of the act, Maybelle will learn who her nighttime tormentors are.  Ted will explore the powers of Finch’s device.  We will come to know exactly who Mr. X is and what he’s after.  Hobbs will conclude what we have been teased to suspect. Finch is alive!  But his reappearance isn't anything you can imagine.

The season builds as our characters work together to solve the mystery of the dead bodies in the mud flats. The scenes will climax in all realms - psychologically and metaphysically.  Maybelle spars with her ancient enemy as Ted fights to return from another time and dimension.


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